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Agenda Maggi72

03/07/2019  No Vacation - Vera
15/08/2019  Noorderzon - Groningen
29/08/2019  Radioactivity - Vera
07/09/2019  Oh Sees - Paradiso

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Agendainfo: Maggi72 - artiesten

Artiesten die Maggi72 live heeft gezien, nog graag wil zien of als favoriet heeft.

Maggi72 heeft de volgende (30) artiesten als favoriet:

A Perfect Circle Fink Pixies
Acda en de Munnik Foo Fighters Placebo
Caesar Frank Boeijen Porcupine Tree
Coldplay Garbage R.E.M.
Crowded House Incubus Radiohead
David Sylvian Johan The Cure
Depeche Mode Muse The Tragically Hip
Echo & The Bunnymen N*E*R*D* Tool
Ellen ten Damme Norah Jones Tracy Bonham
Elvis Costello Pink Floyd Wende Snijders

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Maggi72 heeft de volgende (1012) artiesten ooit live gezien:

'77 Go Back To The Zoo Richard Thompson
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Go Go Berlin Rick Franssens
.Calibre God Dethroned Right Direction
3 Doors Down Godsmack Rival Sons
37 Stabwoundz Gomez Roald van Oosten
45ACIDBABIES Gorefest Robbie Williams
88 and the Smoking Aces Gorilla Robbing Millions
A Certain Ratio Goslink Robert Ellis
A Giant Dog Grandaddy Robert Fripp
A Liquid Landscape Graveyard Rococo
A Perfect Circle Green Hornet Roger Waters
A Place to Bury Strangers Green Lizard Rollercoaster 23
Abel Growlin love & pain Rolling Stones
AC/DC Guano Apes Roni Size
Acid Junkies HAEVN Roosbeef
Action In DC Hallo Venray Rory Block
Admiral Freebee Hand of Dust Rose Kemp
Adrian Crowley Hans Hannemann Rowwen Heze
Afro Celts Harry Niehof Royal Headache
After Forever hawkwind Royal Parks
Afterpartees Heather Nova Rude Rich and the High Notes
Agent Side Grinder Heideroosjes Rudeboy
Agresión Heist Rue Royale
Akula Rhythm Band Helemaal Hollands Sabrina Starke
Alamo Race Track Helmet Salon Helga
Alanis Morissette Herder Samantha Steenwijk
Alex Roeka HIM Santa Fé
Alina Engibaryan Hit Me TV Sat-R-Day
All the King's Daughters Homemade Empire SAT2D
Allison Crutchfield and the Fizz HoppaH! Sauna Youth
Altar Hospital Bombers Scorpions
Alter Bridge Houses Scram C Baby
Amatorski Howie Beck Screaming Females
Amber Arcades Howl Ensemble Sebadoh
American Head Charge HOWRAH Seedling
Amplifier Human Tetris Seewolf
Amsterdam Klezmer Band Hunting The Robot Semisonic
Amsterdam Sinfonietta HWRH Senser
Amy Root I Against I Sentenced
Amyl and The Sniffers I Am Oak Shaking Godspeed
Anathema I heart Hiroshima Shane Shu
And The Golden Choir I love you but I've chosen Darkness Shawn Mullins
André Manuel Ice Black Birds Shelter
Andrew Combs Iceage Shht
Änimal Ich Ich Shirma Rouse
Animal Alpha Idles Shoe Eating Rabbits
Animal Kingdom Idlewild Shopping
Anna Von Hausswolff iET Signe Tollefsen
Anneke van Giersbergen Ill Niño Silence is Sexy
Anni Rossi Ilse DeLange Silverchair
Anouk Imani Coppola Simple Plan
Anteros Immortal Sixteen Horsepower
Anti-Product In Solitude Skik
Apey Incense Skunk Anansie
Apneu Incubus Sky Pilots
Archie and the Bunkers Indian Askin Slayer
Arno Bakker Infadels Slipknot
Arno van der Heyden Instil Small Time Crooks
Árstíðir Interpol Soak
Artificial Joy Club Introns Soil
Ash IOS Soldier's Heart
Atari Teenage Riot Iron Maiden Solids
Audioslave Itchy Bitchy Solo
Audiotransparent Ivan & The Parazol Son Mieux
Autumn Jacco Gardner Sonic Youth
Aux Raus Jack White Soul Asylum
Avery Plains Jah Wobble Soul Sister Dance Revolution
Awkward I Jamie Cullum Soul Theft
Badlands Jan Henk de Groot Soulfly
Balthazar (Be) JB Meijers Soulwax
Band Of Beginners JD McPherson Soviet Grass
Baptiste W. Hamon Jeangu Macrooy Spector
Baroness Jebroer 4 Life (XL) Spiders
Basement Jaxx Jett Rebel Spiritual Beggars
Bastian Jewel Spiritualized
Bauer JJ72 Spookrijders
Bawrence of Aralia Jo Goes Hunting Sportlife
Baywaves Jo Marches Sprokkelhout
Beck Joast St. Germain
Bed Rugs Jochem Myjer Stabil Elite
Beechwood Joe Jackson Staton
Beef Joe Sumner Stefan Schill
Belgrado Joggo Stereophonics
Benjamin Winter Johan Sting
Bent van Looy John Coffey Stone Free
Bentley Rhythm Ace Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Stonefly
Bert Hadders Jonathan Davis Strange Bones
Bert Harders Joost van Dijken Stuart Mavis
Bert Heerink Judasville Studenten van het Prins Claus Conservatorium
Bert Scholten Judy Blank Stuurbaard Bakkebaard
Bert Visscher Juli Subhumans
Beth Hart Julius Sugar
Beth Orton Jungle By Night Suicidal Tendencies
Bettie Serveert Juniore Suit Up!
Bewilder Junkie XL Super Besse
Beyond93 K's Choice Super Star Gods
Bird on the Wire Kane Supergrass
Birth of Joy Kapitan Korsakov Supersub
Biters Karl Blau Swinder
Björk Karnivool SX
Black Box Revelation Kashmir System 7
Black Honey Keane System Of A Down
Black River Delta Keith Caputo Takeahnase
Black Sabbath Kelis Tamarin Desert
Black Star Sound Keluar Taneytown
Blackbird Kensington Tangarine
BlackBoxRed Kid Carpet Tanita Tikaram
Blaudzun KIEFF Tarball
Blink-182 Kill The Young Taymir
Blitzen Trapper Kim Janssen Team Sleep
Blixa Bargeld Kim Wilde Tempers
Blood Red Shoes Kin Tessa Rose Jackson
Blue Grass Boogiemen Kiss Testament
Bo Hoyer Hansen Kitchenette The *Ga*Ga*s
Bob Color Kittie The Academic
Bombay Klangstof The Afghan Whigs
Bottlecap Klarälven The Afterveins
Boy Azooga Klein The Amazing Snakeheads
Brain Police Knobsticker The Animen
Brain Traps Komatsu The Answer
Brainpower Korfbal The Apers
Brant Bjork Korn The Bear That Wasn't
Breaking Levees Kraantje Pappie The BellRays
Brides Of Lucifer Krause The Black Atlantic
Browsing colletion Krause Duo The Black Crowes
Buffalo Tom Krezip The Black Keys
Bull Kris Berry The Black Marble Selection
Burdy Krontjong Devils The Blind Roofers
Bush Küken The Boogiechillers
BZB (Band Zonder Banaan) Kula Shaker The Bootleg Beatles
C-Mon & Kypski Kylesa The Brahms
Cabaret Voltaire Kyteman's Hiphop Orkest The Breeders
Caesar Labasheeda The Chameleons
Cake Lady Aïda The Charlatans
Callenish Circle Laidback Luke The Cherees
Candybar Planet Lala Lala The Cool Quest
Canshaker Pi Lamb The Cult
Captain Landmark 105 The Cure
Case Mayfield Lange Frans The Damned
Cave In Larkin Poe The Dawn Brothers
Cedarwell Laura Jansen The Daydream Fit
Celestial Season Lauryn Hill The Dead Daisies
Chagall Lea The Departure
Chameleons Vox Lea Kliphuis The Descendents
Chantilly Lace Leah Rosier The Desmonds
Charlie & The Lesbians Lebanon Hanover The Devil's Blood
Charlie Jones' Big Band Lefties Soul Connection The Dillinger Escape Plan
Cherry Glazerr Lenny Kravitz The Entrepreneurs
Chimaira Leonard Ford The Estranged
Chocolate Brown Lewsberg The Ettes
Chris and Cosey Lezboys The Ex
Chris Isaak LGHTNNG The Fall
Chrome Liar of Golgotha The FawakaBrothers
Cilvaringz Liesa Van der Aa The Feeling of Love
Cinnamon Beach Lifehouse The Flaming Sideburns
Circle J Limp Bizkit The Flying Dutchmen
Cirith Gorgor Linea Aspera The Flying Eyes
Clan Of Xymox Little Barrie The Gathering
Clean Pete Live The Girls (NL)
Clock Opera Lola Colt The Given Horse
Cloud Nothings Lola Kite The Go Go Prophecy
Cocaine Piss Lorrèn The Goods
Cold Cave Losers The Grand East
Coldplay Lost Insanity The Heads
Colossa LPG The Hex Dispensers
Colour Haze LPG Soundsystem The Hives
Cool Genius Lucas Hamming The Horse Company
Cooler Than Jesus Luie Hond The Human League
Coolpolitics Luik The Hype
Coparck Luka Bloom The Kovenant
Corijn Lydia Loveless The Kyteman Orchestra
Counting Crows Maarten van Praag The Levellers
Coves Machine Head The Lovesteaks
Cracker Maggot Heart The Maccabees
Creature With The Atom Brain Magnapop The Mad Trist
Crossroads Malochia The Madd
Crowded House Mamilla The Maureens
Crying Boys Cafe Manic Street Preachers The Mauskovic Dance Band
Cypher Marathon The Membranes
Cypress Hill Marcel Veenendaal The Mighty Breaks
D.A.A.N. Maria Mena The Mob
D.A.A.U. Marike Jager The Monroes
DAF Marilyn Manson The Morphines
Daily Bread Marius Tilly The Movement (DK)
Dakota Mark & The Spies The Mudbirds
Dame Flux Mark Lanegan The mudd
Dandy Warhols Marle Thomson The Murlocs
Daniel Cane Marlene Bakker The Myrrors
Danko Jones Martin Rev The Mysterons
Dany Lademacher's Wild Romance Mastodon The New Crimewave
Dario Mars and The Guillotines Matthew Crosby The New Pornographers
Dark Horses Mat_euj the obsCURE
Darlyn Max Meser The Offspring
Daryll-Ann Maxïmo Park The Old Ditch Riverhoppers
Das Ding Mayhem The Orb
Das Pop Meadowlake The Pedro Delgados
David Bowie Meatbodies The Ponys
David Sylvian Mecano The Posies
Dazzled Kid Meindert Talma The Presidents of the USA
De Gringo's Meindert Talma & The Negroes The Proov
De Kast Merry Pierce The Quotes
De Kat Metal Church The Rakes
De La Soul Metallica The Rascals
De Likt Methods Of Mayhem The Revolution Smile
De Messen Metropole Orkest The Rifles
De Nozems Metz The Riplets
De Staat Michael Gira The Riverboat Gamblers
Dead Cat Stimpy Michael Rother The Roots
Dead Lord Mick Harvey The Rumour Said Fire
Dead Meadow Mike Krol The Secret Sisters
Dean Saunders Mini Mansions The Sensational Second Cousins
Death In Vegas Mink The Sheer
Deep Purple Miss Molly & Me The Sisters of Mercy
Def Americans Mitch Rivers The Smashing Pumpkins
Def P. & The Beatbusters Moan The Soft Moon
Def Rhymz Moby The Sore Losers
DefektDefekt Model Depose The Stilettos
Deftones Moke The Tears
Dennis Kolen Money And The Man The Tellers
Destruction Monomyth The Thermals
Detonation Mooi Wark The Tibbs
dEUS Mooon The Tightropes
DeWolff Morphine The Tragically Hip
Dez Mona Moss The Twilight Sad
dHuez Mother's Cake The Underground Youth
Dia del Mercado Motorama The Vagary
Diablo BLVD Motörhead The Van Jets
Die Goldenen Zitronen Motorpsycho The Veils
Die Nerven Mozes and the Firstborn The Verve
Diep Triest Mummy's A Tree The View
Diff Muse The Waterboys
Dilly Dally Mushroomhead The Woken Trees
Dimension Seven MY BABY The Wounded
Dinosaur Jr. My Favorite Scar The Wytches
DJ 404 My Friend Television The Yawpers
DJ 7 Itch Nachtschade The Young Folk
DJ Afval Nada Surf Thee Vicars
DJ Case Nana Adjoa Therapy?
DJ De Rooie Jager Nashville Pussy Thorsteinn Einarsson
DJ Dion Navarone Tim Knol
DJ Doodtij Navel Tindersticks
DJ Ed Rock Neil Young Tolls
DJ Eddy de Clerq Nelson Tom Trapp
DJ Evert Grunnen Rocks Nemesea Tommy Ebben
DJ Fatman Nemo Tommy Ebben & the Small Town Villains
Dj Joris New Adventures Tool
dj Journeymen Soundsystem New Red Fading Toploader
DJ Liquid Newclear Waves Tori Amos
DJ Mystique Nina Kinert Town of Saints
DJ Ray Koocks Nine Inch Nails Toy
DJ Remy Nine Pound Hammer Tracer
DJ Rob Now Nits Tracy Bonham
DJ Roccalberti No Use For A Name Traffic Jam
DJ Rude 66 NOFX Traumahelikopter
DJ Trish Trash Nomen Trevor Sensor
DJ Troy Noord Nederlands Orkest Tricklebolt
Dodgy Nothing Tricky
Donna Blue Nouveau Vélo Triggerfinger
Dool Nox Truckfighters
Dozer (SE) Ntjam Rosie Trust
Drab Majesty Nuff Said Twain
Dreadlock Pussy Ocean Colour Scene Twarres
Drift Ode to the Quiet Tweak Bird
Drippin’Honey One Trick Pony Twice a man
Drive By Wire OOO Twin Shadow
Drowning Pool Opgezwolle U-Niq
Drums Are For Parades Orange Goblin Ufomammut
Du Blonde Orange Sunshine Ulrika Spacek
Dudettes Orgel Vreten Ulterior
Dulfer Orishas Uncle Frankle
Dune Messiah Orlando Underworld
Dyzack Osdorp Posse Up The Irons
Eagle-Eye Cherry Otep Urban Dance Squad
Eagles of Death Metal Outburst Valerius
Earth MK II Ozark Henry Van Dik Hout
EC Groove Society Ozma Vanderbuyst
Echo & The Bunnymen Ozric Tentacles VanderLinde
Editors Ozzy Osbourne Velvet Revolver
Eels P.O.D. Vengeance
Eerie Wanda Paceshifters Vikings in Tibet
Eisenhower Palma Violets Vincent Swierstra
El Jackson PALMSY Vive La Fête
El Pino & The Volunteers Papa Roach VJ Sector-4
Electric Citizen Paulusma Voicst
Electric Eel Shock Peter Beeker Volbeat
Eleonor Coco Peter Beeker & Ongenode Gaste voorheen de bende
Elle Alpha Peter Hook Vox Von Braun
Elle Bandita Peter Pan Speedrock Wallace Vanborn
Ellen ten Damme Pile Waltzburg
Elske DeWall Pillow Queens WantWant
Elvis Costello Pink Turns Blue Warpaint
Emil Landman Pioneers of Love Waxahatchee
Engine Pip Blom Waxy
Eric Corton Pixies Waylon
Erwin De Vries PJ Harvey We Were Promised Jetpacks
Esben and The Witch Place of Skulls Weaves
Eton Crop Placebo Wende Snijders
Everything Everything Plat When We Are Wild
Exposed Plien en Bianca Whipster
Faith No More Pole Shift Survival Group Whispering Sons
Faithless Ponypack White Fence
FARA Porcupine Tree White Lies
Feeder Postmen White Miles
Feels Presence Whitesnake
Fehlfarben Pressure Pact Wicked Jazz Sounds Band
Ferris & Sylvester Price Wicked Mystic
Feverdream Primus Wicky
Fink Prodigal Sons Wink Burcham
First Aid Kit Projekt 67 Wintersleep
Fischer-Z Prong Wipneus en Pim
Fishbone Psyche Wir Sind Helden
Flemming Pulled Apart By Horses Witchcraft
Flogging Molly Pushin Wood Soundsystem Within Temptation
Florence + The Machine Qeaux Qeaux Joans Wolf People
Florian Wolff Queen's Pleasure Wolfendale
Flowerbox Queens Of The Stone Age Wolfmother
Flux Queensryche Wolvon
Flying Trashcans QUIBUS Wooden Saints
Fontaines D.C. Quiet Hollers Woods
Frank Black R.E.M. Woost
Frank Boeijen Racoon Woot
Frank Just Frank Radio Eliza Y
FRIGS Radiohead Yinka
From First To Last Rage Against The Machine Yoghurt
Fu Manchu Rah Rah Yokocola
Funckarma Ralph de Jongh Yorick van Norden
Gabriel Rios Ralph de Jongh & Crazy Hearts Yuck
Gail of God Rammstein Yuri Landman
Galliano Raskolnikov Zapp 4
Garbage Rats on Rafts Zea
Garcia Plays Kyuss Ravens Zeke
GEM Re-play Zita Swoon Group
Gentleman's Pistols Real Derek Zoe Zanias
Gers Pardoel Red Snapper Zoppo
Ggu:ll Rendez-Vous Zounds
Giovanca Republica zZz
Girls Against Boys Reveller  
Glorybox Rice  

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