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Agendainfo: TrefwoordPunk - artiesten

Artiesten die TrefwoordPunk live heeft gezien, nog graag wil zien of als favoriet heeft.

TrefwoordPunk heeft de volgende (7) artiesten als favoriet:

Agathocles Oi Polloi Waardeloos
Discharge Seein' Red  
Kru$h Vals  

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TrefwoordPunk wil de volgende (441) artiesten graag nog live zien:

3 Inches Of Blood Extinction Of A Mankind Pokes
7 Seconds Extreme Noise Terror Prostitute Disfigurement
A Strength Within Far From Finished Psycho
Aborted Fiddler's Green Rambo
Acid Deathtrip fIREHOSE Ramming Speed
Active Minds Fleas & Lice Ramonas
Against Me! Fleas and Lice Rancid
Agathocles Fleshless Refused
Agent Orange Flogging Molly Reproach
Agnostic Front Framtid Restless Youth
Agrimonia Funeral Dress Rise & Fall
Airbourne Galbak Ritual
Allez Soldaat Gascoigne Rompeprop
Amebix GBH Rotten Sound
Amen Ra General Surgery Rowwen Heze
Anchor Gewapend Beton Ryan Keen
Angelic Upstarts Gigan Said and Done
Another Breath GNADAB Sanctum
Anti Nowhere League Goatwhore Sand Creek Massacre
Anti-Flag Goldblade Sanitys Dawn
Antidote Gorgoroth Saviours
Antisect Gorilla Biscuits Scarred
Argy Bargy Grave Screw Houston, Start Screaming!
At The Gates Grey Area Section 5
Atari Teenage Riot Gride Seein' Red
Audacity Grinding Halt Set Your Goals
Bad Brains Grizzly Adams Severe Torture
Bad Religion Gruesome Stuff Relish Sex Pistols
Bad Vision Guitar Gangsters Shai Hulud
Bakfietsboys Haemorrhage Sham 69
Banane Metalik Haklust Shook Ones
Baroness Hans Dorrestijn Shredder
Battery Hardskin Sick Of It All
Beans (NL) Harrie Jekkers Siege
Beans On Toast Hatebreed Simbiose
Bear's Den Hierophant Skitsystem
Beatsteaks Hirax Skullhog
Benighted Hollands Glorie Slapshot
Benny Zen & The Syphilis Madmen Holocausto Canibal Social Distortion
Betercore Hugh Cornwell Solid
Beyond Pink Hymen Holocaust Soul Control
Billy Bragg Iedereen Zóôò Jotje Sparrow Falls
Birdflesh Iggy & The Stooges Squash Bowels
Bishops Green Ignite Stef Bos
Bl3nder Infest Stellenbosch
Black Breath Inhume Stoma
Black Flag Instinct of Survival Straight A's
Black Haven Ion Dissonance Strawberry Blondes
Blacklisted Isbells Strike Anywhere
Blind To Faith ISIS Subhumans
Blitz Jack of Heart Suffering Mind
Blitzkrieg Jana Hunter Suicidal Tendencies
Blok 1A Japanische Kampfhörspiele Sunpower
Blood I Bleed Javier Guzman Tear It Up
Bloody Phoenix Jawat! Tech 9
Bodyfarm Jig-Ai Teethgrinder
Bölzer Joe Pesci Terveet Kadet
Bong John Cooper Clarke The Adicts
Bongzilla Joop Visser The Afternoon Gentlemen
Bots Joyfalds The Black Dahlia Murder
Boudewijn de Groot Justice (Belgie) The Black Lips
Brutal Truth Kaasschaaf The Black Tartan Clan
Buzzcocks Katinka Polderman The Boomtown Rats
By Brute Force Kees Torn The Briggs
Call It Off Keitzer The Business
Cancer Bats Kezus Krijst The Capaces
Carcass Kikkerspuug The Casualties
Cardiac Arrest King Prawn The Dauntless Elite
Cease Upon The Capital Kort door de Bocht The Day Man Lost
Celeste Kringspiertyfus The Dead Kennedys
Cephalic Carnage Krisiun The Defects
Ceremony Kru$h The Dillinger Escape Plan
Chelsea Krush The Exploited
Chumbawamba Kutschurft The Fight
Chumbawumba Kvelertak The Filaments
Citizens Patrol Kylesa The Fuzztones
Cliteater Lagwagon The Horrors
Cloak / Dagger Larm The Kids
Clorox Girls Last The Locust
Cobra Skulls Last Days Of Humanity The Mahones
Cock & Ball Torture Leftover Crack The Negatives
Cock Sparrer Lento The Oppressed
Cockney Rejects Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs The Real McKenzies
Coilguns Letlive. The Red Chord
Coliseum Lifetime The Restarts
Colors Dead Bleed Livstid The Rotted
Comeback Kid Lock Up The Roughneck Riot
Conflict Looking For An Answer The Secret
Congo Natty Los Fastidios The Setup
Converge Lower Class Brats The Shitty Limits
Conviction Luke Sital-Singh The Sonics
Cortex M.O.D. The Strange Boys
Crashed Out Macabre The Stupids
Crass Machinist The Undeclinables
Criminal Class Madness The Unseen
Cripple Bastards Maggot Brain The Varukers
Crucified Barbara Magrudergrind The Vile
Cruel Hand Malignant Tumour Thee Spivs
Crywank Malle Pietje & The Bimbos Thee Vicars
Cult of Luna ManLiftingBanner These Mountains Are Ghosts
De Heideroosjes Mantar This Routine Is Hell
De Kift Massgrav Thou
Dead Kennedys MDC Tom Gabel
Dead Stop Me first and the Gimme Gimmes Torche
Dead to Me Mesrine TORTUGA
Deadline Midnight Toxic Holocaust
Deal With It Mihoen Toxocara
Dean Dirg Mikey Erg Traams
Death Alley Milking The Goatmachine Trapped Inside
Death by Stereo Mincing Fury and Guttural Glamour of Queer Decay Tribulation
Death is not glamorous Mischief Brew Triptykon
Defeater Misery Index True Colors
Demon's Claws Mistake Truman's Water
Der Fluch Mob 47 Tubers
Despised Icon Mogwai Turbonegro
Die Kreuzen Monotonix TV Smith
Die Nakse Bananen Morne Tweens
Direct Control Mr. Irish Bastard Twopointeight
Discharge Mucky Pup UK Subs
Discharger Mucupurulent Ultimo Mondo
Discipline Municipal Waste Unholy Grave
Disfear Murder Unkind
Disorder Namek US Bombs
Disturbance Napalm Death Vacuum
Don`t Mention the War Negative Approach Vae Victis
Doom New York Dolls Vals
Doomriders Nick Mulvey Varukers
Double Negative No Friends Verse
Dr Doom NOFX Victims
Dr. Doom Noize Creator Virus
Driller Killer Nothington Visions of War
Dropdead Obliterations Vital Remains
Dropkick Murphys Oi Polloi Vitamin X
Drums Are For Parades Okkultokrati Vöetsek
Dying Fetus Omega massif Vuur
DYS Opgezwolle Waardeloos
Dÿse Orchid War All The Time
ED Osdorp Posse Weedeater
Ed Gein Outbreak Weekend Nachos
El Camaro Overdose Wehrmacht
Employed to Serve Overmars Whiskey Rebels
Energy Paint It Black Will Haven
Every Time I Die Pelican Wooden Wand
Evil Conduct Phoenix Bodies Wormed
Excrementory Grindfuckers Planks Wormrot
Exhumed Pleurisy Youth of Today
Explosions in the Sky Poison Idea Zann

Genereer concert -/festival agenda op basis van deze artiesten

TrefwoordPunk heeft de volgende (37) artiesten ooit live gezien:

3 Inches Of Blood Haklust Radio Bikini
Agnostic Front Joyfalds Rise & Fall
Blood I Bleed Kru$h Sand Creek Massacre
Brutal Truth Krush Sangre
De Heideroosjes Kylesa Seein' Red
Dean Dirg Liar Tech 9
Dropkick Murphys Makiladoras The Black Heart Rebellion
Dÿse Malignant Tumour Vals
From The Ashes Mihoen Visions of War
Fucked Up Mistake Waardeloos
Galbak Monotonix Zann
Gascoigne Oi Polloi  
Gewapend Beton Osdorp Posse  

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